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December 2, 2009 marks the re-birth of the CARDIO-X program at RPFS!
By popular demand, we have taken the best and most popular Cardio elements of all of our other programs and put them together in what should prove to be the best all around mixed martial arts conditioning program in the area.

The Cardio-X program at RPFS is open to all members, male or female, 13 years of age or older and is mandatory training for anyone interesting in representing RPFS in grappling tournaments, kickboxing and/or MMA events.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or just want to develop the strength, conditioning, stamina and physique of one, this class is for you.
The class schedule and curriculum effective 12/1/09 will be as follows:

Monday 6:15 - 7:15
Coach/Instructor: Nick and Sandi Masington
Curriculum: MMA Conditioning: This class will combine the best of our Saturday MMA exercises, drills, bag work, etc. with the vast repertoire of cardio training techniques from the existing Cardio-X program.

Wednesday 6:15 - 7:15
Coach/Instructor: Sandi
Curriculum: General Cardio & Conditioning: This class is everyone's chance to train with and like a professional mma fighter.

Sunday 10:00-11:30
Coach/Instructor: Jason Williams
Curriculum: A fast paced, fun cardio kickboxing workout followed by a light grappling session for those who car to participate. Perfect class for both men and women.

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