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At Rat Pack Fighting Systems (RPFS) we are proud to offer top notch Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training for everyone from the complete novice through the most experienced competitive grappler.

Headed by Brazillian BJJ black belt and professional MMA fighter Joel Roberts, the BJJ program at RPFS provides its members with instruction and training in all aspects of BJJ enabling them to develop a well rounded "ground game" and submission grappling repertoire.

Classes are open to men and women ages 13 and up (For children under 13 please check out our Children's Jiu-Jitsu Program) regardless of past experience.

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JOEL ROBERTS:  Head Instructor  MMA/BJJ

Joel Roberts began training in Jr. High School in the sport of wrestling. He followed up a four year high school varsity career with a three year stint as a varsity wrestling coach for Lehighton High School. Joel has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitu for six years and was awarded a Blue Belt "on the spot" by Grand Master Francisco Mansor, 9th Degree Red Belt during a 2006 seminar. A Black Belt in BJJ under Renzo Gracie Black Belt Brian Miller, Joel fought his first MMA match in June 2007on the "King of the Cage- Explosion" card defeating his opponent, who went into the fight with a record of 11-8, in 45 seconds of the first round by arm bar! He then went on to increase his amateur record to 5-1 and in August of 2008, he bested previously undefeated Jeff Lentz of Ultimate Fighter fame to capture the N.B.F. Super Middleweight Title. Joel won the 150lb Expert Division title at the 2009 NAGA Battle at the Beach and turned pro the same year. As a professional, Joel boasts wins over 2x All American wrestler Biff Walizer and in March 2011 he stopped rising star Scott "The Animal" Heckman in the second round to capture the PA Cage Fighting Pro Featherweight Championship. Most recently, in June 2012, Joel added the PA Cage Fight 135lbs Pro Title to his list of credits with a first round submission of a very tough and highly touted James Cianci.


MATTHEW RIDDLE:  Instructor Wrestling/MMA

Effective October 2014 RPFS is proud to welcome back to its ranks UFC Veteran Matthew Riddle! Matthew was a part of the RPFS family before being selected for Season 7 of the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show which launched what would end up being a 9-3 record in the UFC. One of the most naturally talented MMA fighters in the world, Riddle is one of only 2 men in history who fought every professional fight in his career in the UFC before parting ways with the promotion in 2013. Living in Las Vegas for the past 6 years Riddle has trained with many of the best fighters and coaches in the world and will be sharing the skills and knowledge he gleaned during that time with our members on a regular basis now that he has relocated back to Pennsylvania.


SCOTT YASSON:  Instructor  BJJ

After a successful wrestling career at Panther Valley High School, Lansford native Scott Yasson began training Gracie Jiu Jitsu under the tutelage of the legendary Pedro Sauer in 2001. With Professor Sauer's blessing he began teaching at his own academy in 2003 as a blue belt and in 2010 was awarded his Black Belt. By focusing on "the basics" and with great attention to detail, Yasson's personable manner and passion for the art have quickly made him one of the more popular instructors at RPFS. We are pleased and honored to have him aboard.


BRENT YODER:  Instructor BJJ:
Brent Yoder of Palmerton is the newest member of the Rat Pack team and is the head grappling instructor for the Junior Fight Team. Brent is currently Purple belt in BJJ under James Simrell and in 2009 he took 1st Place in a 36 man class at the NAGA World Championships, first  place in the Battle on the Battleship, first place at the Greater Pocono Grappling Classic and first place in the intermediate division at NAGA's Battle at the Beach amassing a 20-0 record with 19 submissions . Nicknamed "Tommy Triangles" in light of his preference for that particular move, Brent's grappling and instructing success stems, to a great extent from his consistency, attention to detail and proper form.


"Uncle" Eric Yoder:  Instructor BJJ

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purist, "Uncle" Eric has quietly worked his way up the RPFS ranks over the past several years to emerge as one of the top grapplers in the house both in terms of skill and knowledge of the discipline. The uncle of RPFS instructor Brent Yoder (hence his nickname of "Uncle Eric") Uncle has been instrumental in helping improve the game of several RPFS grappling competitors and MMA fighters and he is quickly becoming the "go to guy" in the weeks leading up to competition.

DILLON "D-BOY" MASINGTON: Grappling/JR Fight Team Instructor

Dillon "D-Boy" Masington, despite his young age, has been training in BJJ, wrestling, submission grappling and MMA for more than a decade. During that time frame he has amassed a lengthy string of titles which include 8 NAGA Expert Championships including 3 adult expert titles while still a teenager. Currently a PGL (Professional Grappling League) fighter D-Boy is the head instructor of the Rat Pack Jr Fight Team and has also begun working closely with many of our adult competitors honing their submission and grappling games.

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