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Effective November 2008 RPFS is proud and pleased to formally add the discipline of Muay Thai Kick Boxing to our regular curriculum.

Originating in South East Asia and, more specifically, Thailand, Muay Thai is an extremely tough striking discipline which incorporates strikes with the hands, shins, elbows and knees and, hence, it is sometimes referred to in marital arts circles as "The Art of the Eight Limbs".

Even a casual fan of modern Mixed Martial Arts quickly realizes that nearly all of today's top competitors have incorporated some form of Muay Thai training into their regiment in an effort to develop a complete fighting arsenal and we at RPFS are pleased to offer our members the opportunity to do the same.

A "must" for anyone serious about MMA, we hope you enjoy the program but caution you ahead of time…if you are afraid of a little CONTACT, this class may not be for you!


ERIC "HOOLIGAN" UTSCH (Head Instructor): RPFS is honored to have at the helm of our Muay Thai Kickboxing Program none other than 4x and current World Muay Thai Champion Eric Utsch of Allentown, PA. As one of the top Muay Thai Competitors and trainers on the East Coast, Eric's strikingand teaching skills are in a class by themselves. His classes, like the man himself, are tough, detailed and intense and are not from the feint of heart. However, for those who endure, Eric's Muay Thai sessions at Rat Pack represent true MMA training at its best and we guarantee he will make you a better fighter!

Matthew Breiner (Assistant Instructor)

Matthew “Big Red” Breiner is a professional MMA fighter who, before turning pro, boasted an amateur record of 5-1 which included 4 victories via devastating knock out. At 6’ 1” tall and well over 200lbs, Matt, who came to the world of MMA via college football, is not just a great fighter but an outstanding athlete. Known throughout PA for his striking abilities, Matt’s physical prowess combined with his unique personal charm makes him a welcome addition to the RPFS striking staff.

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