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The "Junior Fight Team" (JFT) program at Rat Pack is available to young men and women, ages 13-16 who are too advanced for the children's mma program but not ready just yet to take on the adults.

The JFT at Rat Pack currently includes several North American Grappling Association(NAGA) Champions and/or medalist as well as several of the areas top wrestlers from Junior High and High Schools throughout the area.

For a rate of only $55.00 per month, members of the Junior Fight Team are afforded the opportunity to train 5 days per week, both within and outside our adult MMA program, with the likes of UFC star Matthew Riddle, former NBF Super-Welterweight MMA Champion Joel Roberts and 15 time NAGA champion Dillon "D-boy" Masington.

For more information regarding the Junior Fight Team at Rat Pack check us out @ www.pafight.com and remember, "You can't beat us so you might as well join!

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